Residents of Sonoma and Napa who are looking for a pet please e-mail me the name , breed and color of your pet.
I will post on this website along with your phone number . contact me at [email protected]
FOUND: Male in tact BOXER near Coffee Park Animal Care Center 707-584-4343. FOUND: Gray Cat w/ green eyes
FOUND: Black and White Border Collie Status: Reunited YAY! ( see site)
MISSING: Black and White long haired cat, white nose, "Lucky" Lost near Coffee Park 707-623-6780
FOUND: Male BULL Terrier ( Bennet Valley) Held at Calistoga Police Department
MISSING: Great Pyreneese ( Cream/ White) Lost at Fountain Grove 559-936-8661
MISSING: TWO creamy Golden Retrievers Lost near Petaluma ( Stage Gulch Rd.) 707-782-3309
FOUND: Femail Pit Bull Mix ( Black? White) with collar Call Healdsburg Center 707-431-3386
FOUND: Jack Russel Terrier "Sammie" 707-782-3081
MISSING: Rat Terrier and Poodle 707-217-9629
MISSING: LeeLoo Pit Bull White Cream 707-484-7673
FOUND: Male Tabby Cat , Found near Sutter Hospital 707-542-0882
FOUND; Gray Large Poodle ( Fountain Grove in Pool) Angie Duplicki Facebook Page or contact ME
LOST: Black and White cat "Pu" Steph Gediman Facebook page or contact ME
FOUND: Orange cat ( near San Marcos) Taken To Rhonert Park Animal Care Steph Gediman FB page

Inland Empire Pet Advocate Coalition 

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 This adorable girl was about to be surrendered to a shelter because her guardian had lost her job and was unable to afford her spay operation .  A kind stranger inquired if she could buy her dog some time by helping to pay for her dog's surgery. Together they worked to get her adopted to a family who could afford her care. She was successfully adopted to a middle aged couple in the Inland Empire who wanted a dog they could go hiking with. This proves a little kindness can save lives!


Each year in the United States six million animals are euthanized at our shelters. In California alone 500,000 are euthanized. Our county of Riverside accounts for a large percentage of the 500,000. The number tops 30,000.

We have a real challenge here in Riverside County with pet owners not spaying and neutering their pets and sometimes  allowing them to roam. Hence we have a severe challenge with  pet overpopulation where there simply are not enough good homes for every dog and cat.

We know that Riverside County also has one of the highest low income populations in California. Therefore we have created this website to help low income residents locate affordable and accessible spay /neuter and vaccination services. And we have created this website to help ALL residents locate rescues and  learn about important animal welfare news.

We hope you will share this website with others who are desperate for help with caring for their pet. It is so important that you spay and neuter your pets,especially if you have one of each gender. Mating can take place before they reach a year. If after contacting the listed resources you still need help with locating an immediate spay or neuter operation please e-mail  us at [email protected] or call 951-333-3256

Please take the time to put a proper collar with identification tag on your pet. Most shelter in takes do not have collars and therefore it is impossible to find their owner unless their owner finds them. Sadly more often than not the owner does not know where to look. Micro chips are now mandatory in the County of Riverside. You can get them at a very inexpensive price at shelters or rescues. See our list . A microchip and collar will increase your chances of finding your pet should he or she ever become lost.


WHO WE ARE: We are a grassroots community group dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of homeless pets in the Inland Empire. We are also committed to building community among shelters, rescues and animals welfare advocates in the IE. We know that a collective exchange of information and resources amongst animal advocates will help us better serve the animals of Riverside and San Bernardino.  We welcome professionals and advocates from diverse backgrounds to help us strategically end pet over population. Please send your ideas to [email protected] Follow IEpetadvocates on Twitter

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